Education in a self-reliant India! Best teachers cannot always reach grassroots, digital content can

The proposed reforms could lead to a positive shift in the quality of education. Currently, even though we live in an era of online education, digital accessibility is an issue.

Time to go digital: Important for SME sector in India to get a digital transformation

It is essential that SMEs consider rapid digitalisation to avoid loss of productivity or their competitive advantage.

Brands, local and global, get vocal about their Indian roots

According to senior people in several companies The Indian Express spoke with soon after the Prime Minister said that every Indian “has to become vocal for their local, not only to buy local products, but also to promote them proudly”, C-level executives scrambled to come up with a plan to get the brand’s messaging across.

As digital ad rates crash, agencies see opportunity

Advertising is among the first areas that companies cut back on during an economic downturn

TikTok Is Growing Around The World With China, India And The U.S. Being Early Successes

TikTok is growing in China, India, the US and beyond. TikTok will challenge YouTube more than it will challenge Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The Ugly Underbelly Of Gendered Right Wing Trolling On Social Media

It was horrific but also slightly fascinating to be thrust quite so suddenly into the world of gendered trolling, and to observe just how much of the trolling was focused on gendered abuses that centered on my character as a woman.

Zomato elevates Mohit Gupta as its co-founder

Gurugram-based online delivery startup, Zomato has elevated Mohit Gupta, CEO of food delivery unit, as the company's co-founder.

The coming of age of e-health platforms

Most healthcare startups are seeing an unprecedented surge in demand. Is a unicorn around the corner?.Despite the regulatory environment becoming clearer and increasing customer interest, startups could face opposition from local pharmacy groups

Businesses must focus on security which is intelligent, automated and built into everything: Alok Ohrie, Dell

In a matter of hours millions of employees across India Inc shifted work from offices to homes. So far, this has worked out well with positive outcomes like increased productivity.

UPI Scams: These Are Some Common Ways Hackers Choose To Make Money

Given that UPI enables transactions directly from the users bank accounts, this mode of transaction is a great tool for scamsters to make money. Of late, many people in India have lost a huge sum of money in the UPI scams. Below are a few such scams that you should be aware of.

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