Jun 22, 2020 - ‘Bug bounty’ helps techies make a killing amid Covid lockdown

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The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions

It's easy to lose perspective when we're facing a thorny dilemma. Blinded by the particulars of the situation, we'll waffle and agonize, changing our mind from day to day.

Perhaps our worst enemy in resolving these conflicts is short-term emotion, which can be an unreliable adviser. When people share the worst decisions they've made in life, they are often recalling choices made in the grip of visceral emotion: anger, lust, anxiety, greed. Our lives would be very different if we had a dozen "undo" buttons to use in the aftermath of these choices.

But we are not slaves to our emotions. Visceral emotion fades. That's why the folk wisdom advises that when we've got an important decision to make, we should sleep on it. It's sound advice, and we should take it to heart. For many decisions, though, sleep isn't enough. We need strategy.

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Biggest India opportunity lies at the bottom of the pyramid: Google’s Karan Bajwa

Covid will certainly accelerate the growth of the SaaS market in India, as every company in India is embracing digitisation at an unprecedented level, Bajwa said.

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'Anathema' to competition: What are the sticking points between US tech giants and India over data protection?

Privacy analysts have noted that there are elements of the proposed legislation that differ markedly from the EU's GDPR, that have, over the last two years, caused consternation among foreign tech players.

Covid-19 And The Rise Of Digital Identity

How different industries can help customers in building a digital identity, by reconsidering their existing business models and surviving the pandemic

How to add and use multiple bank accounts in Google Pay

Google pay allows its users to add multiple bank accounts. Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to add and use multiple bank accounts in Google Pay.

Paytm launches first pocket Android POS device for contactless payments in India; Here is how it works

In the wake of COVID-19 crisis, Paytm has launched the first pocket Android POS device for contactless ordering and payments in India, a move that will make this technology more affordable for SMEs. The company has introduced 'Paytm All-in-One Portable Android Smart POS' at an introductory price of Rs 499 per month rental.

Seventy-four pc of respondents will continue to make purchases via contactless mode: poll

New Delhi, Aug 10 (UNI) Over 54 per cent of the respondents know how to use a contactless card on a PoS machine and 53 per cent of the respondents know that consumers don’t get charged multiple times if the contactless card is tapped more than once, according to a poll here.

Arogya Setu App attained its desired success due to efficient Telecom Infrastructure in India, Mr. Ajit Pai, Distinguished Expert, NITI Aayog

New Delhi: Investment inflow in infrastructure, logistics and telecom industry is of utmost priority for NITI Aayog, which will also aid India’s economic growth and development deliberated Mr…

PhonePe’s new campaign salutes the indomitable spirit of India

The campaign has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett and OffRoad Films

Flipkart announces its first startup-accelerator programme in India, funding likely to follow

The programme has been designed by Flipkart’s  Product Strategy & Deployment team led by Naren Ravula.

Fintech Adoption in India will Lead to More Contactless and Digital Payments, but Cybersecurity Risks Must be Addressed, Industry Exec Says

Fintech adoption in India will lead to more contactless and digital payments, but cybersecurity risks must be addressed, industry exec says.

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