Aug 28, 2019 - Why hyperlocal startups like Swiggy and Dunzo are set to go the Gojek way and form super apps

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Self-Made Billionaire: There Are Three Levels Of Reality, And Most People Are Stuck In Level One, But They Have No Idea

One commonality of great thinkers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs throughout history is that they see reality on a deeper level. This helps them figuratively play chess while everyone else plays checkers.

This realization slowly came to me as I spent thousands of hours over the last few years reading, watching, and listening to everything from many of history's wisest business leaders, from Charlie Munger, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos to Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin (all of whom I have written about).

Over and over, I thought I understood their words, and then later, when I revisited them, I realized there was a whole other layer I had missed. The experience was like looking at this image below

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WT- Social: Wikipedia co-founder launching Facebook, Twitter rival

Instead of going for an ad-funded model, Wales aims to finance it through donations, just like Wikipedia.Like Facebook and Twitter, WT:Social will let users share articles. But WT:Social will be funded by donations, rather than advertising

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Google enters battle for cloud gaming market

Subscription for Stadia Pro, Google’s new cloud gaming service, is priced at $10  a  month  in US

India highest contributor to TikTok's 1.5 billion downloads

TikTok attains another milestone of 1.5 bn worldwide downloads and India is the top contributor with 466.8 million downloads or 31% of all unique installs.

Perhaps Google Will Kill Bitcoin, After All

Google is piling pressure on bitcoin developers to improve user experience and adoption or face redundancy...

Mphasis will see growth moderate from DXC Technology, says CEO Nitin Rakesh

DXC Technology, a company spun off from Mphasis’ erstwhile parent HP, contributed 24.1% of the mid-tier IT services provider’s revenue in the Sept..

Telegram takes off in India as startups drive adoption

Companies News: The global race for messaging supremacy has long seemed like an uneven contest.

Greater private sector innovation, digital tools key to quality healthcare services in India at low cost: Bill Gates

Bill Gates, who is currently on a three-day visit to India, said: "Our biggest work has been broadly in the health area helping to get new vaccines introduced, helping to look at innovations in some of the disease-specific areas, like tuberculosis or visceral leishmaniasis (VL) or lymphatic filariasis (LF)."

The battle is outside, not within, says DAN India CEO Anand Bhadkamkar

Bhadkamkar tells Business Standard what his priorities are as the ad industry grapples with a slowdown

This New App Aims To Fight Patriarchy On Digital Streets

Young girls and women came together at Delhi's Miranda College on Saturday to wage a battle against patriarchy. Aiding their fight is a new ally - Smashboard, which is "an alternative social media network with special features for people of all genders fighting patriarchy".

Unity Technologies unveils partnership with Unit 040 for making digital twins at Unite India 2019

Kochi: Unity Technologies, the market-leading platform for developing a broad range of applications in the field of real time 3D, and AR/VR, concluded their third edition of Unite India in Kochi. The one-of-its-kind developer summit, in collaboration with the Government of Kerala witnessed 1100+ delegates over a period of two days. In the keynote session, Mr. Arvind Neelakantan, Head of Technology and Evangelism, Indian […]

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